Gathering of Nations Performer Spotlight: The Eastern Sky Ambassadors

A company of four talented representatives of the Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois, Confederacy, the Eastern Sky Ambassadors travel throughout North America, sharing their heritage and traditions. Made up of six distinct nations, the Haudenosaunee people possess territories in Oklahoma, New York, Quebec, Ontario, and the Carolinas. The current Eastern Sky Ambassadors hail from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The Eastern Sky Ambassadors specialize in several types of performances and speaking engagements. The troupe offers master of ceremonies services, as well as one- to two-hour performances, featuring storytelling, song, and dance. Additionally, the Eastern Sky Ambassadors provide hands-on learning through their workshops and lectures. A powerful educational tool for all ages, the group’s workshops engage audience members in a number of activities aimed at fostering cultural understanding.

About the author: The largest Native American powwow in North America, the Gathering of Nations takes place every April at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Featuring numerous traditional and contemporary performances, the Gathering of Nations has hosted such groups as the Eastern Sky Ambassadors, Rik Leaf & Tribe of One, and Native Roots over its 20-year history.


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